About Quota on Internet Unlimited

6:59 AM

The dominance of internet cafe (warnet) as a place to explore the virtual world begins to decline, though not a little internet cafe that opened up branches like the one in Bratang Surabaya. That is because simply get a more effective personal internet without having to go to the internet cafe and use their own devices at home by using a modem.

Now, the prices of modems is cheap. Smart provider for example, just by IDR 300.000, we've been able to have modem + 2 months free unlimited internet. If calculated, using the modem itself is much cheaper than using the service in the internet cafe.

For example if we are online all day at the cafe for 2 hours and pay IDR 5.000, for a month then we will spend the money until IDR 150.000. With a modem, we can subscribe unlimited internet costs vary depending on each provider with prices start from IDR 45.000 up to hundreds Rupiah. They are is unlimited inernet. Here I'll share a little thing about some of the terms that often makes me confused friend unlimited internet related.

By using unlimited internet service, we can access the page as much as any to pay a FIXED price of each month. Whether or not we use it we use. Unlimited internet here really is unlimited, we can use their services. There are some friends confused about quotas, FUP, etc..

Quotas, it is quite sensitive in the world of unlimited internet for the layman. In general, knowing that my friends use unlimited internet subscriptions, but why be restricted by quota, it means not unlimited then?

In my opinion, quotas do not limit our internet access is unlimited, because whether quota and the quota has not gone away, we can still access the internet. The bottom line about the notion of quotas in the unlimited internet. Namely fair usage limits. It is not much different from the FUP (Fair Ussage Policy).

Let's say that we subscribe to unlimited internet with speeds up to 1Mb / s with a quota 2GB. If we have unlimited internet usage exceeds the quota, then we can enjoy data speeds up to 1Mb / s, but if she is more than we can still use unlimited internet at no extra cost with a much lower speed of 1Mb / s, could have 64kb / s. Policy depends on each operator. So QUOTAS not limit us in the surf in cyberspace, but only to limit our speed surfing in cyberspace.

If illustrated as a rider. When quotas are still, we like speeding on the highway, but when the quota has been exhausted, we narrow down the aisle like a dark alley. Less is more like that isitlah quota / FUP in unlimited internet.

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