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12:13 AM

Blogger is a part of Google product, you can get it FREE! A few days ago, in english lesson, i just tell that I am going to writing on my blog. My lecture just ask what my blog (i think the reason he ask my blog because when he ask question about what iam doing, i always answer with "writing on my blog"). I answer "panduaji[dot]net".
He asking some question about blog, and I answer it:
Lecture: How much buy domain and hosting?
Me: Just IDR 85.000
Lecture: Where you hosting your blog?
Me: I just using blogger, because it's FREE
Lecture: I think blogger is't not good. I prefer using wordpress.
Me: I don't like wordpress
Lecture: Why you don't like it? It's modern CMS, look great or you don't know about it?
Me: When you using free wordpress site, and you want to upgrade your domain, you must buy from wordpress site about $12. It's just domain without hosting. And then wordpress site have very much spam. I don't like it

a two day leter i meet him on second floor D4 building in Polythecnic, and he still remembering me and say "Good blog, keep writing".

I just want share opinion about wordpress and blogger here:

  • Besides free sign up, we also can download the Wordpress CMS for use in our site that we hosting
  • Easy to leave a comment, it's the reason why spammer in wordpress is so much
  • I think to many menu's in administration dashboard
  • It's so hard for customization script like adsesne, and the other
  • Someday when you want upgrade your domain to premium, you must pay to wordpress for domain, you can't buy from another domain reseller
  • Can't download the CMS
  • Simple dashboard
  • Fast to load the dashboard page
  • Free upgrading domain to premium domain (can buy domain from other domain reseller)
  • Customable template
  • Difficult comment system than worpdress site, but no spam from engine there
I hope this information useful for you. Please think the future of your blog, just hobbies? From hobbies you can be professional. And you will get profit from your blog. See ya on next post ;)

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