Install LMMS at Ubuntu 11.10

3:16 PM

Lots of people like to listen the music, quite a lot also like to make the music, but still many are still underestimating the license of music, but to make it takes a long time. With easy download at 4shared, ziddu and so on. Ironic that our can not fully appreciate the work of others.

For those who like to make music, do not go plowing because of what they make is also going to have hijacked. I introduce LMMS for those who love to make music. Probably not many people know what it is LMMS

LMMS is a Linux MultiMedia Studio, one of the powerful open-source software to produce music. There are many creations to create a melody, sound mixing, but it also can be connected to the keyboard as well as similar software.

For Ubuntu users can get it on the Ubuntu Software Center or by typing
sudo apt-get install LMMS
By the terms connected to the internet. Some time ago when I finished installing ubuntu 11:10, and tried to install LMMS as above but ways that I can only error messages. Find out why?

Although still in the repository, I initially tried to install ubuntu software instantly with the center, but the error message that appears is that the content I need winetrick 1.2, after I try to check, I've been using winetrick 1.3. The question remains the same, why is it not? Finally I was not able to answer that question.

After browsing at some sites, I finally found how to install LMMS. we must adding the repository. For added portability, use the command below at terminal:

sudo apt-add-repository ppa: dns / sound
After that 
sudo apt-get-update
and then type in
sudo apt-get install LMMS
Wait until the download and installation is complete, so Linux MultiMedia Studio can already be enjoyed on a computer ubuntumu.


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