10 Type of Magazine Layout

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A month later i've learn about layout on magazine. Layout is design element for creating an artistic element. I just want to share 10 magazine layout

Mondrian Layout
Referring to the concept from Piet Mondrian (Deutch). The layout refers to the forms  square / landscape / portait, where each fieldis parallel to the field of presentation and load the image / copy of each fused to form a composition that conceptual
mondrian layout. img take from alstrojobaru.blogspot.com
Picture-Window Layout
The object shown in close-up
Picture-Window Layout, img take from jdblittle.blogspot.com
Copy-Heavy Layout
The layout concentrated to the copy writing (dominated by text)
Copy-Heavy Layout, img take from behance.net/gallery/Solebury-Club-Newspaper-ad/394178
Frame Layout
Layout with story on the frame
Frame layout, img take from demoria.net
Circus Layout
The layout not refer to the standard layout. Composition of element is irregular
circus layout, img take from astropix.com
Multipanel Layout
The layout is divided into several thema in same shape (square / cube/ etc)
multi panel layout
multi panel layout img by designcommunity
Silhoutte Layout
Layout in the form of illustrations or photograpihc technique. Only highlighted the shadow. The presentation can be shaped Text-Rap / spot color illustration or refrected light image pickup with photographic techniques
Silhoutte Layout
Silhoutte Layout img by designcommunity
Big-Type Layout
The layout just emphasize the font type and big size font. Ussualy just for headline.
big-type layout by shojikoto

Rebus Layout
Layout shown text and image. The layout forming a story
rebus layout
rebus layout img by designcommunity
Alphabet-Inspired Layout
That layout emphasize the arrangement of letter of numbers in sequence or from a word and improved for giving rise to the impression of narrative (story)
Alphabet-Inspired Layout
Alphabet-Inspired Layout img by designcommunity

It's layout on magazine. I think there is another layout for advertising, comics, and other. I hope you this is useful.

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  1. can anybody please update the photos? some of them are borken links.

  2. thank you very much for notifying me with this comment. i will update soon the image

  3. this so awesome! i found it very easy and useful for my presentation :) thhaaanks loads :D

    1. i am taking this from my lecture presentation :D. I hope it's helpful :D

  4. There is actually a layout called "silhouette" which consists of text being "wrapped" around images. You should not rely on this website. Most of these are incorrect.


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