Alpha Channel Mapping

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This tutorial made by friend, Aditya. Now, he is making an open movie like durian i think. He write tutorial about his project. The project is about motorcycle thieves you can view the project here. The project using Bahasa Indonesia language, so i've contact him to translate the tutorial into english on this blog.

Today, i want write in english version of Aditya tutorial About Alpha Channel Mapping in Blender. In Blender Cycles not yet supported render alpha channel from adds on import image as plane, so we need minor adjusments to render it with cycles.
  • Open Blender. Add plane using Shift A > Mesh > Plane or download the source file here
  • Change the render engine from Blender Render to Cycles Render
  • Select new material on properties and new (add new material)
  • Give the material name relevance with the object, for example is daun. Daun mean leaf
  • Change the surface diffuse to add shader. It cause a buildup of two types material with blending type add
  • In first material shader is Diffuse BSDF.

  • And for second material shader is Transparent BSDF
  • Click small icon on first shader and select image texture
  • Open image on first shader
  • Browse image file (not alpha channel).
  • Repeat it on second shader. Click the icon and select image texture
  • Open image on second shader. 
  • Browse image file (alpha channel).
  • You can make the alpha image using GIMP. The example of alpha image using white for alpha channel and black for the image. White background is invisible when rendering and black color will be seen in accordance with the shader diffuse
  • Separate the 3D view with dragging + on top of window
  • Change the first 3D view into Image Editor

  • Select the plane and go to Edit Mode with TAB on keyboard > Press U on keyboard > Unwrap
  • Change the viewport shading to material
  • After the material appears, adjust vertex on image editor using Grab, Rotate and Scale like on the 3D view.
  • And change viewport shading to rendered. 
  • You will got this image
  • Duplicate this plane and adjust lighting, position, camera and other for the best result like this

With this way, you can make like this

Want more about this stuff? Keep update on malingmotor blog's. I hope this tutorial helpful and can enjoyed by you. Just leave comment for suggestion. I want it ;) 

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