[UPDATE]ALT Click Blender on Ubuntu

7:05 PM

Long time not using Blender, it's time to using Blender again for animation. I'll try to create logo animation for university, i hope it can using for officially animation logo for opening or ect :D.  The logo containt circle part and patch into sphere. I using shrinkwrap for this logo, but after use the modifier and apply this modifier the circle is not like circle. Some vertices is moving out of track and make the logo not circle again. So i need to make it circle manually.

So, i just must selection every vertices on circle and make it to sphere with shortcut ALT Shift S then i set the value of to sphere to 1 (one). My problem is how to using rotate selection in Ubuntu? i am using ubuntu 11.10 with GNOME Shell. I trying search layout configuration for this problem like on ubuntu 10.04. But the GUI so different and i can't find the tool.

But, after searching on blenderartist, i found a solution but it's complicated. As usual i just using ALT with click to select arround vertices, but with this solution i must using windows button + ALT + Click. it need 3 button to call the select arround command. Before it, i just set my keyboard layout like this
  • Press window logo and search keyboard layout menus with write keyboard on search
keyboard layout
  • In layouts tab select Allow different layouts for individual windows
layouts tab
  • After open Blender, just press windows button and then ALT and click on edges for arround selectio
arround selection
My friend tell to me how to fix it with gconf editor. Now i want share new way to fix it, and it's better than first way.

  • Install gconf-editor with sudo apt-get install gconf-editor. Wait installation progress until finish.
instalation progress
  • After that, press Alt F2 and write gconf-editor
open gconf-editor
  • And then open Apps > Metacity > General. Change mouse_button_modifier from to super. Close the gconf-editor and try with your Blender. It's work :)
edit mouse_button_modifier
Thank Ucup for this way to fix ALT key.

If you still get problem after do that, just try using dconf-editor like how to solve ubuntu 12.04 Blender Alt Click Problem

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