Multiple Camera With Different Path Animation Start

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A few days ago, i've problem with camera and path animation. When i want create on scene with 3 camera and 3 curve for camera path animation. The problem is how to moving every camera with different starting frame? Because for default every camera will be start at first frame. I don't know how to explain what i want. It's just simple ilustration for camera what i want.

simple ilustration
I hope you understand with my illustration above. 
  • First  i have cam_01 and curve_01. I want cam_01 following curve_01 from frame 1 untill frame 100. Cam_01 need 100 frame to fly arround curve_01.
  • Second, i have cam_02 and curve_02. I want cam_02 following curve_02 from frame 20 until frame 40. Cam_02 need 20 frame to fly from starting point to end point at curve_02.
  • Third, i have cam_03 and curve_03. I I want cam_03 following curve_02 from frame 75 untill frame 90. Cam_03 need 15 frame to fly from starting point to end point at curve_03
For problem like me don't using offset and other, its really dont help us! It make us confuse. And my friend give me great solution like here:

  • Add a follow path constraint to every camera and set the path. ex: cam_01 with curve_01.
  • Selection the curve > object data > path animation.
  • Frames mean how long this must spend from starting point to end point. Evaluation time mean where is place of the object. I just little confuse to explain that. I'll give example, i hope you understand
  • Like my problem above, i want cam_02 start following curve_02 at frame 20 until 40. So you get the duration from start point to end point of curve. It's 20frames. So you need set Frames at path animation to 20.
  • Now go to frame 20. On frame 20 you have 0.00 Evaluation Time. Insert keyframe on this. Just press i button over the icon, and the color will be changed.
  • And go to frame 40. On frame 40, change the Evaluation Time to 20, because long of the curve is 20frame. So the camera will be moving into end point of curve. Insert keyframe again like before step.
It's the timelapse video to do the tutorial above

Thank Richard for help me to solve this problem! You can download the blend file of this ilustration here

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