Synfig Studio ~ Alternate for Adobe Flash

9:29 PM

Adobe Flash is software for creating 2D animation based vector. It can also used to creating interactive animation or game with action script. But we must pay $$$ to get this sofware. But don't worry, Synfig Studio can replace Adobe Flash for creating 2D animation. Synfig Studio is free open source software and available for Linux, Mac, and Windows user.

If you an artist, i think you can using it for making 2D animation. Because software just a tool not everything. The everythins is an IDEA an a CONCEPT. Want try Synfig Studio? For Ubuntu user you can download the *.deb extension, and for Fedora can download the *.rpm extension

Feature of Synfig Studio is:
  • Spatial resolution-independence
  • Temporal resolution independence
  • High Dynamic-Range Imaging (HDRI)
  • Pentablet-friendly tools
  • Artist-oriented design
  • Path-based Gradients
  • Layers
img by synfig studio

Read more the feature on the Synfig Web. There is short animation using Synfig Studio

Download the MOV

You can downloading the source of this video on there. The source available under the terms of CC BY-NC-ND license.
Feel free for downloading Synfig Studio. Enjoy it!

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