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I think all of Huawei mobile partner modem automatically detected by Ubuntu 10.10 or higher, because i have 2 huawei mobile partner, and they are worked on Ubuntu and don't need driver. Just plug and play, but we can't using short message feature, because the modem detected and configured by network manager, so we don't get GUI for mobile partner.

If you want get the GUI and short message feature, you can download the driver from link bellow.

It's work for CDMA and GSM modem. After downloading the driver, follow this instruction to install it
  • Extract the downloaded file
  • Open the folder  > right click on file install > open Permissions tab > activete Allow executing file as program > close
  • Open terminal and write
    sudo nautilus
    input the password
  • Open the driver folder
  • Twice click on install > select run in terminal
  • Press enter when you get noticed please input the absolute path for install, the installation file will be placed on default path

  • Wait untill installation progress finished
  • After that, when you plug the modem, the GUI of mobile partner will be automatically open. And now you can using the GUI for short message
mobile partner on ubuntu
There are somethings i don't like about this GUI
  1. I must open new window again, this is make my dock in gnome-shell so full if i open many application.
  2. The themes feel bad, not using the ubuntu themes, but still using GUI theme.
And there are something i like from this GUI
  1. I can using it for received short message from the operator
  2. I know the netwrok in use lika Evdo, CDMA, 3G, GPRS, or other, although there are some distribution of Ubuntu can show it like Ubuntu Sabily.
Let try it if you want using short message feature on your mobile partner.

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  1. it can install without root login?and it can work for e169

  2. i don't think so, because installation folder placed into system. Maybe you can try to know the answer :)

  3. 'device has been disconnected or unsupported error' with my 'huawei E160E' and ubuntu 12.04.

  4. can you use it without this driver?

  5.  I've successfully installing it. Maybe you must try it again like writer procedural above.

  6. Thanks for the share, I like Linux so this is a great job for this GUI.

  7. Im so sorry for late answer, let us know what your problem when try open mobile partner?

  8. you're welcome :)

    I hope it's useful :)

  9. thank for help me answer the question :)

  10. i have installed in ubuntu11.10 ..

    but i open can't open that applicarion ..

    help me to open mobile partner?

  11. I am new to linux while run install with RUN in Terminal one window is blinking but not opening a window as u show above

  12. i think, the problem because you are open in terminal without using root. let try to do "sudo nautilus" first and it will open nautilus / explorer on windows. open with terminal using the window that opened after do sudo nautilus.

    if you still can't install, please notify me again :)

  13. Hello,
    I had Huawei Mobile Partner Linux on my E303 dongle. Installed it to /usr/local. When I plug in the device the GUI does not appear. Nor can I find it from the Ubuntu 12.04 dashboard. How does one invoke the GUI. (I don't want to download updated Mobile Partner from non-Huawei site and wish to use the version shipped on my E303 dongle).
    Please reply to webmaster(a)
    Thanks very much

  14. Hi, I am admin at panduaji[dot]com i want to answer your question. Is your E303 come with Linux installer? Because on my huawei modem i don't get the mobile partner for linux. I don't know how to open the GUI, because it's automatically on my device. Today, i don't use it because my huawei automatically detected by network manager. It can be connect to the internet. I don't need the GUI anymore.

  15. Hello,

    Thanks for your response. Yes my E303 came with Linux installer on the
    dongle's filesystem. I too can connect to the Internet with Network
    Manager and without the Mobile Partner Linux GUI. But I cannot do voice
    calls. Also Modem Manager backend has a bug and won't send SMSs although
    it can receive SMS and send USSDs and detect IMSI and IMEI and signal
    strength. I am looking for a way to do voice calls using E303 on Ubuntu


  16. I am so sorry, i don't know how to make a call with this GUI because There is no call feature


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