Pre Production 3D Animation

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To creating short 3D animation need time so much. Me and some friend creating a draft short motion EEPIS logo's in two weeks. The result is less. We can do it better. But maybe time is our problem, check this video and maybe you can send suggestion on this post.

We start this project from scrath, we need more time for pre production. Because it's important. So, i want share there what we must do in pre production. I've learn about pre production from seruling project, durian project, mango project and etc.
doc seruling project

Animation need STORY! I think story is IMPORTANT thing in animation, you can put implisit or explicit that you want from animation. From story, we can know, what we need for animation, for example you will create animation in a farm, so you can define that you need animal like cow, sheep, or chicken.

The script here is not the programming code, but script is a story that will be played by each character. With script, ilustrator can easily creating a camera view for story boarding.

Very useful for the illustrators who create concept art, blend the reference images and stories. Brain storming over to approach the story with a reference image to obtain the pictures that are called concept arts.

Concept Art contains the concepts for each element that exist in the story, like the character shapes, forms a bag, character clothing and so on. This needs to be described in detail by illustrator that can be easily understood by the person in charge of preparing these elements like 3D modeller.
doc. seruling project
The making of concept art need  references image. For example we want create slum in Jakarta area , so wee required reference picture slum in Jakarta, and so on.

In my opinion, story board can be spelled out a comic that contains details of each scene from the script, dialogue, camera position, camera movement, duration, and all kinds of gestures that exist in a scene. It is often taken for granted by most people, though very important, because it is very helpful in the effectiveness when we production.
When we create an animation without story board, we'll confuse where put the camera on a scene. I experianced this when making a final project on junior high school. I'm confuse, from where i take the picture??

With this we can know the story board that runs like a stop motion video. So the animators have a idea how to move the character like on story board. Here is a sample animatic story board of Big Buck Bunny
In the making of an animation, we need teamwork. Therefore we need standardization of naming files, folders and other components to facilitate coordination among the members. About file management I will discuss in another post :D. keep update with this blog: D

Prepare it before you go to production process, because it's very helpful when you on production. I hope you can enjoying this post. Sorry for my English.

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