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In secondary semester at Electronics Engineerings Polytechnic Institute of Surabaya i learning about story telling and storyboard. I think it's familiar for multimedia job. Because almost all of production need it! I just want to share the introduce about storytelling and storyboarding.

Storytelling is how to tell a story about a think (event, description) through your world and submitted by oral / verbal. There is how to tell a story

We all tell a story. Yes, we do. Now, I tell a story as a professional storyteller and you might wanna do that too. Do it. Well, that’s your decision. Of course, we gonna tell stories in anyway because we have a special part about brain that is built for language. And language of course goes, runs, ... one thing after and others and soon if you use language, you’re... you’re telling stories. Yes, you’re! Think about it. How did you get to work this morning? How did you find your way to your jump. It’s a story in you mind. A story you tell yourself while you’re driving”
How to tell story with interesting?
  • Tone improvisation
  • Expression 
  • Using properties 
  • Costume
  • Sound Background
Important element in storytelling
  • Type of story
  • The story line / plot
  • Character / characterization
  • Begining and Ending story
The Boyhood of Raleigh by Sir John Everett Millais, oil on canvas, 1870. A seafarer tells the young Sir Walter Raleigh and his brother the story of what happened out at sea ~ Wikipedia

If you want using properties in your story, please this notice
  • A great storyteller with good story DOESN’T NEED props
  • Props are great if the story needs them. Not great if the storyteller needs them.
  • Props can be used but don’t overuse them!
  • Props: puppet, box, children toys, etc
Everyone can tell a story, but not of all can to be GREAT storyteller
It's just introduction about storytelling, and next i want share about storyboard :D. I hope you can enjoy it!

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