How To Add Custom Shape Rig on Blender

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Blender is GREAT software, the function is more than enough for 3D animation. The community was GREAT too like the software, you can download many thing source file! For what? You can use it for education, commercial and other, you FREE to use the source! Sometime, when i've download source file  i don't understand what the creator use for it, so i must surf in blog to understand. There is, i want share, how to create custom shape rig.

When you download the source file, sometimes you can't find the bone / armature, but you just need to move in pose mode variety of shape. You can call it custom shape. Because the function is same like bone, the custom shape rig just change the rig shape into what we like. There is the example of shape rig. 

custom shape example

Do you see the armature or bone? No bone on the screen shoot, but you just see shape. And you just need move the shape to make the character move. There is i want write how to create custom shape rig. I hope you can enjoy tutorial below ;)
  • Add a mesh, you can use anything what you like, and you can design the shape on edit mode.
  • You must noticed, the bone axis and mesh active MUST SAME! And try lying pararlel, it can help you to move your bone.
axis bone and mesh
  • To equalize between bone axis and mesh axis you just need to rotate the mesh on object mode. The mesh must following the bone, because mesh fuction just change display of bone for controler and make the animator easy to move the rig
  • After the rig and shape ready, please select the bone > Bone (menu) > Display > Custom Shape > Select / Write the name of mesh.
custom shape
  • The bone display will be change to mesh. Now, when you edit the real mesh, it will be change the bone display. And move the real mesh in another layer. Because it will be distrub your animator or your render :D
If you have any question or suggestion please leave comment below, thank ;)

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