How to Draw Storyboard

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Storyboard is like a comic, they are visualizaton of the story with the detail of scene. I've heard quote " A picture can tell 1000 word". I think it was from PIXAR. With storyboard, let the picture tell the story. Good storyboard is make the audience know the story without hear from the script writter. Storyboard will be help on production and post production.

In storytelling and storyboarding class, i've get lesson about storyboarding and the element. So, i want write the lesson here for my english practice and university note. Yesterday, on the class i've try to draw a storyboard with 6 panel. But, the storyboard colected by my lecture and i haven't had time to take the picture of my storyboard sketch. So, i give the sample of basic storyboard from who teach me 12 principle animation. 

There is step by step creating a storyboard

  • Story in narrative form ---> Rough Storyboard (non-linier)
  • Linier story --->  non-linier story
  • Rough storyboard ---> Complete storyboard
  • Complete storyboard ---> using multimedia facility, combination of video, text, photos, audio, graphic and interactivity
Divide the story to simplify making storyboard
  • Paragraph
  • Character profile
  • Sequence of event or situation
  • Process
  • Another way
6 Level storyboard sketch
Lv 1 > wire figures
Lv 2 > stick figures
Lv 3 > circles, boxes, and triangles
Lv 4 > Human form
Lv 5 > Life like
Lv 6 > Realism
Lv 7 > Photograph

Cara menggambar storyboard
  • Start light draw with pencil
  • Bold the light draw and erase the part unused 
  • Scan with scanner or if you create storyboard by digital drawing you don't need do this step.

Elemen Storyboard
  • Location - Can read on good storyboard picture, but you can write the location on storyboard, for minimalize the assumptions from team
  • Duration / shot length - one picture represent one shot.  Shot length depends on the narative / description and the length of the dialog (if any). Duration time = time of shot
  • Camera range
    • Close up, very close up
    • Mediaum shot (half body)
    • Long shot, very long shot
  • Text (narrative / description) - information about background music, costume, explanatory text and dialog (if any).
  • Character - distinguish between men and woman or child and parent and other.

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