Domain and Hosting

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Domain and hosting can't break apart, because its fullfill each other. like a home, domain is  home address and hosting is the home. So there must be both. If one of them is not created , It looks like home without address and can't be Visited. Or it looks like address without the home. This morning, one of my friend asked me about Domain and Hosting, So I remembering web development class las semester and write it on there.

Likes I asked before in the top , talking about domain is not loose from hosting. Same as My Blog, have the domain , for hosting I used blogger because it's free and integrated with Gmail. So I didn't buy/rent hosting.

Domain is home address in internet . Propose of domain is make easier to remember and write, because addres in internet is IP Address. It is combination from many random number. To change that group of number is called DNS(Domain Name System). Each country/region has special domain code , for Indonesia use id, and America use US. If you want to know many more, you can  read on Wikipedia

There are may ways to get domain. start from free until paying. For example free domain is ,, .tk , , example paying Domain like .net, .com and other.

a2hosting coupon
a2hosting coupon
Hosting is home in internet , The job is Save all component of home likes appliances , tools and etc. Same as domain, you can get Free or Paying hosting.  If you using free hosting, you can't complain, because we didn't payed that hosting, the configuration is limited too. Sometimes in that hosting contained advertisement. Ads not from me, but from the host. But there was profit using private hosting (individual hosting) , that is email service. You can get a2hosting promo code if you want get cheap hosting. There is you can get a2hosting coupon code

The point that we need to analyze in choosing domain is server position. There are local hosting service provider which give server option in Indonesia . There are also give service option in US. Please be wise when choosing by yourself. 

If there is mistake in my post please give your corection . If there are question just leave the comment in here. I hope after read this , you can imagine about hosting and domain. I hope, it's useful :D

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