Link Character Using Proxy Blender 2.6

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I just trying research some feature what i need on my project with MMBAnimation Community. I have tried linking object feature. When i link many object, they are work propely, but when i tried link the character object with rig, i can't go to pose mode to animate the character using rig. I just can move character based object mode like grab (G), rotate (R), scale (S).

So i decided download character pack by vmcomix on blendswap. You can download and use it for FREE. You just need register on blendswap to download it. Let's try the character called Porl from the character pack. 

I just trying using character pack, but i still having same problem. The solution from the problem just adding proxy to the character rig. Proxy make duplicate of rig, so you can move character using rig with proxy rig.  If you still confuse, let's try this step to practice.
test render character

Link character using File > Link > browse character > Apply.
File > link
Group link
After do that, you can see big guy on workspace. I prefer scale the size first before give proxy rig.
Linked character
Let try move the character with the shape rig. When I try, i can't move using shape rig. If you have same problem with me, you can giving proxy with press Ctrl Alt P > Character Rigged.
Add proxy rig
After do that, just select rig_proxy and you can set to pose mode to animate the character.

character pose
I hope this tutorial usefull. Im so sorry for the english, i just trying write in english. Please correct me if I made a mistake. Thank for visiting my english blog :)

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  1. Hello,

    Thanks for this tutorial :)

    As you i have tried to link Porl and Ed in a other blend.

    But linking Porl in a other blend, i don't have in the N pannel the Bones Layers of Porl (Face, Arm…) ?

    Using blender 2.63, linking Ed, there is no problem (the bone layers
    in N pannel are displayed), but linking Porl, the bones layers are not
    displayed (however the control’s driver of Porl are displayed).

    Have you got an idea on how to change this ? Thanks for your replies


  2. Hello thank for leaving comment

    I just want to help your problem, i hope there is the solution

    Please try to open your Porl file > and active the bone layer, it will be displayed on your linking character

    I hope it will solved your problem

  3. Great !!! :) Thanks a lot for your help, i have opened the porl file and clicked on some layers and now it's displayed on the linking character. You helped me a lot, thousands thanks ! I have spent hours on trying to solve this (comparing the py files of the rig, the settings of the bonesand armature, but haven't tried this :)).
    Thanks for your help !

  4. Glad to help you. I can't imagine how to compare the py file. Thank you for visiting, leave comment and share the problem there :D. I can learn from your problem.
    Thank a lot :D

  5. Thanks for your reply :) To compare the py file i have did this :

    1. Copy the py file that i can find in Porl (and Ed) >Text Editor
    View >Clic on the text Editor icon (at hte left of "New") > Select
    the > copy the the text.

    2. Past it in a text file

    3. Do the same for the Ed .py file

    4. Use Kompare (in the ubuntu depositories) to open the 2 files and
    compare it (it was the same except for the name of the bones) with the
    Compare button :) .


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