Overheat Processor Solution

3:00 AM

A few day's ago, my laptop alwayas stop working and shutting down automatically when try doing something spent processor process. I don't know why, i don't think it was because my Operating System called Ubuntu. Because with another Operating System on my Laptop called Linux Mint,  i have the same problem. So, i can't do many work what i've scheduled.

My first hypotesis is overheat on processor.  Because when i opened the HDD case the laptop not shutting down, but with the longer time the laptop autmatically shutting down / halt. So i bought cooling pad with Votre brand but it's make my laptop cooled than before. But i still found that my laptop shutting down autmatically. So i think it's not working.
Cooling pad made in China

Yesterday, when i meet Mr. Citra Kusuma, the lecture of Digital Electronics. I tell the problem of my laptop. And he suggested to open the cover and clean the processor fan. Before he say that, i've try to open the cover but i can't do that. The seal is tight so I don't dare to force open the case. Today i was really dizzy because my laptop always shutting down when i log on into my Ubuntu Desktop.
Ventilation of my laptop
Mr. Citra can help me open the cover next week, but if i still waiting this moment, i can't do my homework on laptop. So i decided to open the case TODAY! I'am trying force open the case and I succesfully open the case. I just wipe the processor fan. And it's really dirty. After the fan clean i just trying use my laptop and it's work untill now without hang or shutting down automatically when take more memory from processor.

There is the picture of processor fan on my Lenovo G450 
open the case

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