Blender Render with Topology Edge

11:15 PM

The Chicken Project with MMBAnimation Community is still running, there is i want share how to set the material with the topology edge while rendering. So, you can share your model and get comment about your model topology. Because the topology is important thing when you adding rig on the character.

Before you do this step, you must have an object on 3D view. In this post, Iam using chicken character from our community project. Called anak ayam.

Character Modeling
Add the character material as you like named solid and surface type (default), I suggest you to use white diffuse without the specular like the image below
white material
White material
Adding the new material named topologi, and set the material color / diffuse is black or as you like, and type of material is wire. It will be show the topology edge when you render the object.
wire material
Wire Material
Activate the transparency and choose the Z-Transparency. Set the alpha into 0.5. And add the Z-Offset to 0.04. It will be give transparency on topologi material, so the solid material will be appear behind the topology.
material transparency
Set the transparency
Swap the position of slot material. The topologi material on the first slot and the solid material on second slot. Your model will be have black material like picture below.
material slot
Material slot
The last step is select the object > go to edit mode (TAB) > Select All (A) vertex on model > Select the solid material slot > Assign. Your model will be have white material again.
assign material
Assign material
Now, try to render your object with F12 button. It will be look like image below?
topology render
The result image
If your scene is too dark, something wrong with your lighting set up. I just using Ambien Occlussion. You can find the menu on world. Just Activate the Ambient Occlussion and try to render it again.

Happy trying :D

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