Install and Update Blender Via PPA Ubuntu

12:50 PM

Blender growing so fast, we can get the update dialy, even in a matter of hours. In ubuntu we can get the update notification through Update Manager. If your repository is the default of ubuntu, you just will get the update notifications release from Blender. Not all version update there. If you want to get the newest blender, you can update or install through other PPA.

Sometimes i need to update through PPA, because the bugs from previous version is already on the PPA. So, i don't need to waiting the release from blender main site. It's the power of open source, because the development collaborative with the community.

There is step by step adding ppa for blender update via ubuntu terminal.
  • Open terminal with shorcut Ctrl Alt T
  • Write
    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:cheleb/blender-svn
  • Insert your password
  • Write
    sudo apt-get update
    wait untill the update source finish
  • After the repository update finish, write
     sudo apt-get install blender

It's just simple tutorial, but sometimes anyone really need it. So, i just write it

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