Post Production

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I've talking about pre production and production before, there is i want talking about post production. Post production is the last process of film making. There is thing must to do. Like Color correction, Compositing, Editing Video / Sequence, Sound and promotion. I just want to try explain what i know about post production.

Color Correction, this process is to match every scene. Because not every scene have same color, sometimes we need some part of scene looks bright and another scene look so glow. We can create ambient effect like romance, horror or fun with the color shceme.
Color Correction

Editing Video, combining the scene for get continuous story like on storyboard. Because we do not finish all scene sequentially. The level of every scene is not same, there is many complicated scene and there is many simply scene. We can finish simply scene faster than complicated scene include when rendering. Complicated scene need more time for rendering than simply scene. With editing video, we can arrange the scene like on storyboard and get the storyline
Editing Video
Sound, every film need sound effect. Without sound, the film is so bored and not felt. Sound is very important. If your film is bad, you can improve it on sound. Sound can create ambient effect like horror, happy, confuse, fun and other.

Visual Effect, is process adding more effect to your video. Like tsunami, flash of lighting. You can merging the greenscreen and the effect on this process. Like on Mango Project.

Promotion, is process to promote the film. It will spend half of production budget. I've read on many article about comparison of production and promotion is 40 : 60. Although a lot of free media campaign like mouth to mouth, social network, blog network and other. But the cost of promotion still high. This cost for promotion on TV, Roadshow, Touring, Poster and other.

I have opinion about the production. In the production of movie, the most time consuming process is production. Production is very much resource-consuming, therefore it is advisable to maximize the Pre Production, so that when the production can be more effective and fullest. So they can save money too. If you can timely according to the timeline is very good, Even if forced to stall for one part, it's better to buy time for longer in pre-production process.

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