How To Start Learn Blender

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How to start learn Blender? Some friend asking me with this question. So with this post, i just need give link to this post to everyone asking me about it, maybe google do that too :D. If my friend asking how do i learn Blender, i don't know step by step learn Blender. If you confuse how to learn Blender, just buy Blender Book and get the step by step learn Blender.

I just trying what i want to learn, i don't use the rules of book to learn. Before we learn the technique, we MUST know what is Blender, and what Blender can do. Have you ever hear "not known, it is not love" quote? It mean, without knowing what you want to learn you can't learn it with love :D.
Modeling Building 

There is my tips about how to learn Blender
character modeling
  • NAVIGATION, is the most important thing in learning software. All 3D software have same concept. They are distinguishes by navigation. Navigation help us to use all feature on software. If you master in Blender and never use another software, the first thing you must learn when using another software is NAVIGATION.
  • Learn what you need, some people learn without purpose. We must know what we want with learning something. For example, Jobs learn Blender because he want to create transformer logo animation. It's cool! Right? But what we must learn to do it? We need to learn modeling, texturing, compositing, rendering, lighting and other. To create it, we don't need to use scultping in Blender, so don't learn about sculpting during learing how to create transformer logo. Keep FOCUS with what you need!
  • Go Advance in one area, we can see on Blender Institute many great blenderartist in the world come together to create an open movie project. Ther are know about Blender so well and they are generalist 3D Artist. They are can do everything Blender can do. But, they are not advance on all 3D Artist Job. For example, Sebastian Koenig is 3D Artist and master of tracking :D. He focus on that job, though he a 3D generalist.
It's just my opinion, but everyone have tips and trick to learn something. If you still confuse how to learn Blender, just do same thing with the book instruction and step.
Fiction Character
Fiction Character
  • Navigation and User Interface, for the first time learning, just use the default UI and Navigation.
  • Mechanic Modeling, is basic modeling like pen, desk, box and other. Some book learn with primitive modeling
  • Organic Modeling, character modeling like human, animal and fiction character.
  • Just continue what you want to learn. like rigging, texturing or another part that make you interest.
I am learning Blender from durian modeling without learn the navigation. It make me must open step by step tutorial to do it again. After learn it, i learn navigation and then basic game engine. I am creating labirin and piano application with Blender 2.49. After that i learn how to edit video with Blender when i have last student project on high school to create company profile video. After that. i know what i need to learn. If you confuse how to learn, just go to blender community, they are can help you to solve your problem :)

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