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Iam currently working with community called MMBAnimation Community, abbreviated MAC. We are creating chicken project. In pratice we are using link system for layout and animation.  We create one file only for save the library. And we can take the library via linking to every scene that need it. The library is about cycling animation like walkcycle, runcycle and etc.

My friend still confuse with how to create a library for linking. So, i want explain about it there. Before create library for linking, we MUST prepare some point to avoid unwanted things. The point is:

  1. Character file must be FINAL character, no more revisions on the character especially character rigging
  2. Bone name must be FIX, never change the name bone while animate, it will be destroy the animation.
  3. Character on scene MUST SAME with character on the library. Just copy from the final character.
  4. Create one cycling animation like walkcycle or runcycle, etc.
After prerpare all the point, it's time to save the animation what we made into an action. I give an example walkcycle. Make sure the first keyframe and last keyframe on this action is same. Because this action will be repeat more than one. If the first and last not same, the cycle of motion will be messy. To solve this problem just duplicate the first keyframe and drag on last keyframe for the action. Do it on dopesheet editor. 

In animation layout, the layout will be look like this
add and save action
add and save action 
Change the mode of dopesheet to action editor. In action editor, we add action and give relevance name with the animation. It will be helpful. Don't forget to activate the F button, it's for save the action even it is not used.

My opinion about F button is all action file was created stored in a block. Block is a temporary in a blend file. It's will be deleted when we close the file. It's noticed with "0" in front of the name of action. 

We just save this file on pose library for linking. So we don't use it into this file, we need to save this action for all scene that need this pose. With the F button activate, our action will keep on this file. Dont' forget to save the file after adding the action with Ctrl S

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