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Control speed Blender video editor is a tool to control the speed of video duration. We can accelerate or slow down the speed of video. There is i want to share the concept of this feature. I've write the concept of speed control in VSE using Bahasa. I want try to write it into english there.

To uses this speed control just go to the VSE Window and select the strip that you want with control speed effect. Add (Shift A) > Effect Strip > Control Speed. The control speed strip will be shown on your sequence editor. And control effect strip will have same length with strip that we select before adding the effect strip.
speed control strip
speed control strip
Length of the effect strip always same with the length of video / image strip that we select before the effect strip. This applies to all effect strip. We can pull the ends or start of the strip in the form of video, audio, images. But we can not pull strip effect.
pull the end or start of strip
we can pull the end or start of strip
Why not to pull the strip will automatically extend the duration of the strip? A question from my mind, because another software use it, why blender didn't? I think it's more simple than giving control speed effect strip. I do not know why, but one thing that happens when we pull a strip longer than the original strip. The last frame will appear after the sequence playing the original strip.

Could I that pulling without control speed just for making long the last frame? Maybe it's for getting still image when editing the video. Because why should only the still image rendered again and again if it's same with frame before. Don't worry if rendertime is a minute, but when taking a long time? i think i will choose to use this feature.

Step by step using speed control effect Blender VSE
  • Select the video strip that you will adding the control effect strip
  • Add (Shift A) > Effect Strip > Speed Control
  • Pull the strip that have control speed effect as needed. The longer strip will get longer duration
  • Select the control speed effect and ensure that effect strip properties on the right enable the stretch to input strip length. Set the value of Multiply Speed to 1.00 to stretch the video duration to the long of strip. If you set it to 0.5, the half (0.5) of original strip will be stretch to the lenght of strip.  For example i have strip with 300 frame, and i pull it to 500 frame. If i set the stretch to input strip length to 0.5, frame 1 untill 150 will be play with 500 frame duration.
control speed effect
control speed effect
I not yet explore more about the effects of this strip. As there is currently still way I needed. Maybe my friends own experience in using the Speed ​​Control in VSE?

Hopefully this article useful: D. If there is a misconception in this post please let me know. I'm also not an expert in english.

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