Installing Ubuntu Software Offline

2:19 PM

Ubuntu have power in community arround the world, they are connected with the Internet. As we know, we need internet connection to get software update, install software and other update from the community. Although we can install the software from repository DVD. But we still need connect to the internet to get newest software update. A week ago, my friend tell me about apt-web. Apt-web help us to get software update with the dependencies.

So, we can download software and the dependencies. It's helpful for user with no connection internet. They can go to the internet cafe to download the software with dependencies and install the software offline in the home. But we can't get software from the ppa, it just share link from the mirror repository. I think it was made in Indonesia because the option of repository is mirror on Indonesia.

Just visiting the to get the ubuntu software with the repository. There is feature of this website. It's very simple

which file should I download
which file should I download
Just write the name of software or library what you need and then select the Ubuntu distribution and then select the mirror name. But the newest distribution there is Ubuntu 11.04. I hope it will be update soon. So we can get software for newest Ubuntu distribution.
save as the download link
save as the download link
I hope it's helpfull. Apt-web available on chrome webstore. Download and install the plugin into your chrome browser. Install on Chrome

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