3D Modeling Technique

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3D Modeling Technique appear on my 3D animation mid-semester test yesterday. I've try to write about modeling technique on my bahasa blog with title Teknik Modeling. But, i still confuse with modeling classification. On this post, I just want to share about modeling technique that i understand. After discus with Ucup and Adhi Hargo, i got three modeling technique, they are is Polygonal ModelingNURBS Modeling and Sculpt Modeling.

Polygonal Modeling is modeling that use three elements of polygon like Vertex / Vertices, Edge(s), and Face(s). Simple sample of polygonal modeling is primitive object, chair, desk, home, and other model that use three element(s) of polygonal Modeling
polygonal modeling
polygonal modeling ~ wikipedia
NURBS Modeling is modeling that use mathematics calculation and sometime curve based modeling. I've read on a blog that say Metaball is part of NURBS modelling, i forgot the blog name that say that.
nurbs modeling
nurbs modeling ~ blenderunderground
Sculpt Modeling is modeling that use sculpt method. This method same with method that you use for creating a statue but in digital world. You can get detail and highpolly 3D model.
sculpt modeling
sculpt modeling ~ budip
Polygonal Modeling is the most often that i used, because this is what i need. I created 3D model like building, character, properties and etc using that method. I hope this post helpful and please correct me if there is something wrong. Thanks

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  1. You are welcome Ali, i think you can make many model and share on blendswap. Or you can join open movie project.


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