Good Way to Asking

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Ask your problem. The problem appears after we’ve tried. Don’t ask if we don’t try yet, moreover with continuous questions. That point will make us judged as a spoilt person (or that’s right?). Only asking, want instant information without try to deep its process. Let’s learn, don’t learn me.

MAIN FACT: Forum members always help each other freely. The other way, they just spent their time to help you. Make them touched to answer your question with these steps below:
  • Try to re-read documentation of the product well
  • Try to find the answer by internet (via Google, etc)
  • Try to find the answer in mailing lists archives of the product (if the answer provide, sometime they will hate your question)
  • In the main point: don’t forget to show that you’ve try hard to solve your problem, if you’re not, they will see you as a lazy and never touched to help you.
  • Find the right place to ask your question. The questions about programming will be ignored, or even criticized if it posted in hardware forum.
  • Cross posting (post many questions to many forum at once) incline make they aren’t interest to answer your question (“Ah, maybe that forum will answer it.”)
  • If you really need to post your question to many forums, send them as a email for each forums.
When asking:
  • Don’t ask directly to a person
  • Asking in forums or mailing list is better, because:
  • The answer of your question potentially give advantage for many people
  • The answer of your question usually saved as archive in that forum, so it will be useful for many people (appear in Google search result, etc.)
  • These points above would be insensitive for the experts in the forum to answer your question.
  • Forum members can corporate to answer your question
  • And, emails which sent directly from anonymous incline make the receiver annoyed.
let's learn 
Good way to asking:
  • Use polite words
  • If you use rough words, please be ready if there’s no one answer your question.
  • Use the words, like: “Could you help me?”, “Thanks a lot before.”, etc.
  • Remember that the experts were never getting payments to help you, at least don’t forget to say thanks to them
  • Don’t assume that you’ve right to get answer. Remember MAIN FACT. Because while you assume like that you may be disappointed when your question not answered, and much less have an introspection why your question not answered, you may be angry at that forum and more ignored by other members (even, get criticized)
  • Give suitable and descriptive title
The title like “Heeeelp!!!!” will be ignored because they will think that you are too lazy, even only for give the suitable title.
  • Email title, like: “The computer restart by itself after plug Service Pack 3” will have bigger chance to be answered.
  • Explain your problem clearly completed by your data.
Remember that the experts in the forum can never access your computer, so their information source is only from your email. So, make your email as complete as possible.
  • Make your email informative and not only long in related to point above, attach irrelevant data and make your email too long will make the experts doubt to answer. (“Oh, My goodness, I’ve took a long time and only like this?” Delete!)
  • Write your question with Indonesian proper language. Writing disorder question will make them think that you are the untidy person and the busy experts will be reluctant to spare their time for you.
  • Don’t directly claim that the fault is on other part. The sentence like “There’s a bug in this accounting program.” without clear evident will make the programmer of that program (exactly the experts) not interest to answer your question or even offended. Only explain that you find a problem at that program. Don’t make a claim which you never proof it.
  • Explain your problem, not your guess. If you’re not the expert in that subject, your guess may be false and only show your fool in front of public.
  • Make a conclusion after your question answered.
  • After your question answered/ problem solved, sent an email to the forum that explain whatever that should be done to solve that problem. It increase the possibility that your next question will be answered in that forum because the experts will think that you can also give (not only ask) and they usually appreciate it.
Hope that tips above will give mutualism symbiosis among them, who asks and answers.

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