Tears of Steel Open Movie with Indonesia Subtitle

10:38 PM

The fourth Blender Open Movie was release about a week ago. Mango is the code name of the project and the title of movie is Tears of Steel. I think it's great VFX movie done with Blender. It's prove that Blender can be used for VFX Movie pipeline.

It's the fourth Blender Open Movie and focus on developing VFX Pipeline. The first open movie is Elephant Dream (2006), and the second is Big Buck Bunny(2008) and the third is Sintel(2010). Tears of Steel premiere on Netherland on 29 August 2012 and on Hollywood 29 September 2012.
tears of steel poster movie
tears of steel poster movie
Feel free to download the film from link below
Or you can watch online direct from youtube
If you don't understand with english, you can download your language subtitle on BlenderArtist forum, if your language not yet available you can submit your own language. I've contribute with my friend translate the subtitle into Bahasa Indonesia. You can download my subtitle from this link: https://student.eepis-its.edu/~ndundupan/stuff/TOS-id.srt or visit the BlenderArtist forum. Enjoy the movie ;)

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