UV Texturing Step

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Texturing is giving contour to an object in a image form or others. From some texturing that I’ve done, using external software like GIMP was very useful to make image texture. Because it has many brush. I still confuse using texture feature in Blender.

There was a question in Indonesian Blender Forum and I’m going to answer it with this post. Here the step of making texture with Blender. I hope it's helpfull for another Blender user in the world :D
  • Use the final model, so it’s not needed to edit the texture. Moreover, unwrapped texturing method will make us re-create the texture or revise unwrapped result, if there is a character revision. So, it’s recommended to use final model.
final model
final model
  • Assume that 3D model is a cloth. Select the sewed parts and mark them with mark seam. Mark seam will mark the parts which the sewed will be released.
mark seam
mark seam the model
  • Unwrap the marked model. Before that, select the part you want to cut. So, we will cut mark seam at the selected part. Here, the pattern is ready to be drawn.
unwrap the model
unwrap the model
  • Export UV Layout to get the layout from drew pattern that we have made at Blender. We should export this UV layout if want to use external software for making texture, because we will get SVG or PNG image that can be opened at image processing software.
export uv layout
export uv layout
  • Draw the UV layout using image processing software like GIMP.
drawing with gimp
drawing texture with gimp
  • Set the texture with image or movie type. Open new image, select the picture which we want to be the texture. Then, the important step is mapping. Change Coordinates into UV because we use UV texture.
set properties
set the texture properties
That’s the steps of sticking texture in Blender. Please correct it if there were mistakes. Hope that it will solve a question in Indonesian Blender Forum and for all Blender newbie.

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