Tethering on Android ICS Phone

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tethering on android ics
tethering on android ics
Tethering  allow us to use mobile phone as modem. There is definition of tethering from wikipedia:
Tethering refers to connecting one device to another. In the context of mobile phones or Internet tablets, tethering allows sharing the Internet connection of the phone or tablet with other devices such as laptops. Connection of the phone or tablet with other devices can be done over wireless LAN (Wi-Fi), over Bluetooth or by physical connection using a cable for example, through USB.
If tethering is done over Wi-Fi, the feature may be branded as a Mobile Hotspot. The Internet-connected mobile device can thus act as a portable wireless access point and router for devices connected to it. ~ wikipedia

How to Tethering on Android ICS Phone

To set tethering on Android ICS you just need to open settings, open more on wireless and networks. Choose tethering and portable hotspot. There is many option, i just select USB tethering that use data cable of mobile phone connected to laptop.
Why i choose using USB Tethering? Because with USB Tethering i can charge my mobile phone. Tethering will spend your battery quickly. So you need plug to power source
Once tethering is enabled we can not use the internet. Because the functions only connect the laptop to the phone. To enable the internet, enable bluetooth tethering. I do not know why it should activate both, a clear under existing bluetooth tethering posts
Sharing this phone's Internet connection.
After you activated that, you can use your android device as modem to connected to the internet. Happy surfing

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