Paperman ~ Disney Short Movie

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Paperman is newest short movie from disney, the video lasted about 6 minutes has been played more than 12 million times on disney channel. In fact, this new film uploaded to youtube on January 29. Status still Unlisted videos, the video can only be seen by those who have the link, so it will not appear when searched via a search youtube, not hinder people to share the link to the people around him.
paperman met a girl
paperman met a girl
Paperman tell the life of a lonely man in New York who meets a beautiful woman at the station when leaving for work. Which then brought together again by a paper airplane miracle :D. Could put romantic story category. For more details watch the video directly below
Paperman is done by a small team at Disney and won an Oscar nomination in the category of Best Short Animation. Paperman story was inspired by the story of John Kahrs when 20 years old. A young man who is unhappy because intimidated by New York City. Although surrounded by people, but in fact he was really lonely and trying to find something meaningful relationship.
Paperman is done using a combination of hand drawing techniques and computer. Program called Meander victims customization Paperman team to do what they want. So be superb short films between stories and technical. Here's behind the scene Paperman
If you want to know more about the behind-the scenenya, visit some of the links below:

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