Install CUDA 5 in Ubuntu

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CUDA™ is a parallel computing platform and programming model invented by NVIDIA. It enables dramatic increases in computing performance by harnessing the power of the graphics processing unit (GPU). Before we using GPU, we need to install CUDA Toolkit if you are using NVIDA card. I am using NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M with Ubuntu 12.04
NVIDIA Settings
NVIDIA Graphic Card
Before following this tutorial, you need to check on CUDA GPU. Is your hardware supported CUDA technology? If your hardware supporte CUDA GPU, check on your hardware spesifiaction on NVIDIA website, is the hardware is Optimus card? If your vga card is an optimus card, you will need to install bumblebee for the vga driver. Bumblebee Project have simple tutorial how to install it.

After install Bumblebee, we will install CUDA ToolKit. We need connect to the internet to get the CUDA Toolkit that have about 700 Mb. It's include Toolkit, SDK and NVIDIA Visual Profiler. I am using CUDA 5 for Ubuntu 10.04 for mu 12.04 machine. And it's work!
Download CUDA
Download CUDA
After downloading the installer, i prefer to place the file on home folder. It will make your instalation easily. Right click on the file > Properties > Permission > Activate "Allow executing file as program".
allow executing file as program
allow executing file as program
Next, download installation script from AmmarkoV, it make installation very easy. After downloading the script place the script in one folder with *.run file of CUDA Toolkit. Make the script allow to execute as program like we do on *.run files.

File from AmmarkoV using for cuda 32 and 64 bit for 11.10, if you are will using CUDA Toolkit for ubuntu 10.04 you need to change the script like i do. If you want to use my script that using for ubuntu 10.04 you can share this post on facebook / twitter first with the button bellow, and you will get the file

You need internet connection to install Cuda with the script, because you will need some dependecies like:
  • build-essential gcc-4.4 
  • g++-4.4 
  • freeglut3-dev 
Double click on the installation script, select run in terminal and follow the instruction. When the EULA appear you need to press ENTER until 100%. After that write accept. Please confirm with Y for all option.
accept EULA
accept EULA
When instalation stop at
Enter install path (default /usr/local/cuda, '/cuda' will be appended):
Just press enter, it will make installation on default place.

When instalation finished, terminal will be close automatically. Restart your machine before using CUDA GPU. After reboot the machine, i try to open Blender System and the NVIDIA GPU was detected by Blender. So i can using cycles render with GPU :D
NVIDIA CUDA siap untuk Blender
NVIDIA CUDA ready for cycles

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