[SOLVED] Blender User Preferences Crash on Windows

3:06 AM

[SOLVED] Blender User Preferences Crash on Windows - Many people that using windows maybe have the same problem with my friends. Why my Blender crash when open user preferences using File > User Preferences or with the shortcut Ctrl + Alt + U? My friend +Adhi Hargo say to me that problem not only for the user preferences but for all new window on Blender. It happend because intel vga driver. Just change the vga driver that you get from buying the hardware (not update from intel website). He just found this problem in intel VGA.

I have solution for open your user preferences if your Blender crash when open from file menu. After open Blender, you will get default Blender interface, then just change the window type like the image below, so you will get your user preferences. It not open user preferences in new window, but it open user preferences in the window that use for 3D view before. So, your Blender is not crash ;)
user preferences
user preferences

If you have same problem with my friend, i hope this tricks will help you to get your user preferences

Bahasa Indonesia: User Preferences Blender Crash di Windows

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  1. It works! Thank you so much (h)

  2. sorry, but I'm newbie in Blender, how you can make the window stay as yours?

    1. window on blender is easy to customize. You can easily drag and set up your own layout wiith blender. you can set up preset with your own layout :)

  3. which driver should I install? Im on Windows 7 64bit Gateway NV54 Series
    The one that I found on intel website is:

    Intel® HD Graphics Driver for Windows* 7/8/8.1 64-bit

    File name: win64_152822.exe
    Version: (Previously released)
    Date: 04/10/2014
    Size: 138.68 MB

    Is that the one?

    1. Im so sorry, i dont know. i've using linux since 2010. this post just a trick to open window preference.

      I think, just user newes driver for your machine.


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