Install IBM Worklight on Eclipse

7:40 AM

Install IBM Worklight on Eclipse - IBM Worklight is an plugin / adds on that can help you to create hybird apps using html5 and can run on many mobile platform like Android, iOS, Windows Phone, etc. I think it is same with phonegap but more professional.

On this post i want share how to install IBM Worklight on Eclipse that run on Ubuntu 12.10. Before do this tutorial, you must Install Eclipse 4.2.2 first. You need internet connection for installation, because I am using IBM Repository to install it.
  • Open Eclipse 
  • Help > Install New Software
  • Add and fill the form
    • Name: IBM Worklight (feel free to rename)
    • Location:
Install IBM Worklight - Menambah Repositori
Install IBM Worklight - Add repository
  • Next > wait dependencies checking. When finished you will get toolkit that you can install. Select all and next. Read the EULA first then install. You need to wait till downloading finish.
  • After IBM Worklight instalation finished, restart eclipse dan you will get IBM Worklight menu on your eclipse like the picture below
IBM Worklight
IBM Worklight
I am new on mobile development, i hope we can learn together. If there is something wrong let me know :)

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