Kazam: Screen Capture Software on Ubuntu

10:28 AM

Kazam: Best Screen Capture Software on Ubuntu - I've created some Blender video tutorial, i am using Kazam for record my desktop. I've try some screen capture software on Ubuntu, but i think Kazam is the best screen capture software on Ubuntu. Because simple and clean.

But, sometime kazam error on my machine. I've recording 5 minutes video but when i want to save the video, i can't save it. Kazam windows freez and i can't save it. I don't know why, maybe someting wrong with kazam, because RAM, HDD, Processor works! So i must stop recording every two minutes  and save the video before continue to next step. After that, i need to join video using Blender Video Sequence and render again to get final video.

You can using kazam for taking screenshot too. But i prefer to use shutter to take screenshot. Shutter only available on Linux, maybe someday will ready on Windows and Mac.

There are kazam feature:
  • You can record everything on desktop or on a window, or some spesific area
  • Can input audio from speaker or microphone
  • Taking screenshot
  • Output video as MP4, WEBM or AVI
  • Autosave recording video
To record the audio, you need to open Kazam Preferences and configure microphone or speaker that will take as audio input.

Install Kazam on Ubuntu

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:kazam-team/stable-series
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install kazam

Any tips, trick, and review about kazam?

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