From Yangoon to Bagan With JJ Bus Express

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Sightseing in Yangon is make me know another place arround the world. Because Yangon is the first city outside Indonesia that i visit. Maybe someday i will visit it again. The main purpose going to Myanmar is to see the ballons in Bagan. Its about 600km in North Yangon. See the picture below to know the balloos in Bagan
Balloon in Bagan, Myanmar
Balloon in Bagan, Myanmar
Can you feel the breathtaking moment in the morning when the sun is goes up with the ballons? Okay, on this post i want to share about how to getting there with local transportation and some tips from me.

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How To Go To Bagan from Yangon ?

Need recomendation travel to Bagan from Yangon? I've 3 choice that you can choose. If you have enough money you can save the time and get flight from Yangon to Nyang U Airport. I dont know how much its, i think its more expensive.

You can drive by taxi from Yangon to Bagan. I dont know how much it is. But if you come with large group, its the most cheaper but i think you can't enjoy the public transportation  in Burma.

The last choice that i've choosen with my friends is going to Bagan by Bus. You can choose many bus there, but i very recomend you to go with JJ Bus Express. Its not sponsored post, you know. I've try JJ Bus Express and Shwe Mandalar, and the JJ Bus is won any aspect except price.

Going to Bagan From Yangon with JJ Bus Express

JJ bus Express
JJ bus Express
Before you going to Bagan with JJ Bus Express, make sure that you already booking a ticket. Because if you are not booking and not lucky you can't get the seat. You can book throug their official Facebook Page. JJ Bus Express is executive bus class that have route from Yangon to Bagan.
JJ Bus Express Ticket
JJ Bus Express Ticket
The ticket fromm Yangon to Bagan by JJ Bus Express is arround 23.000 Kyaat. Make sure that you are using this service before booking. Because many people canceled their ticket after booking. They just need certainty about your bookking.

If you try to sightseeing arround Yangon by Taxi, the driver will offer you taxi service to drive to Bagan. Its cheaper if you come with a large of group such as me with 7 people.

Bus Station for JJ Bus Express in JJ Bus Aung Mingalar Highway Bus Station. You can search on google map to know where the bus station.
Snack in JJ Bus Express
Bus schedule to Bagan is about 20.00 pm and will be arrive at 04.30 AM. You will get the snack and blanket. The bus will stop once to break. You can enjoy meal on the bus stop or just looking what local people sell.

Be carefull when you leaving the bus on the Bagan bus station. Many people will be offer you taxi. Choose reasonable price if you want to take the taxi. And dont forget to bid the price. Some of them will be offer you free pass to enter Bagan. For international tourist you will get charge about $20 / person.

Next, i will write about enjoying sunrise with the ballons in Bagan. 

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