Enjoying Sunrise in Buledi Pagoda Bagan with The Baloon on The Sky

8:34 AM

Many people will ask to local people where the best sunrise view in Bagan. Right ? Because we do same thing. Haha. We ask to our driver about sunrise spot that provide breathaking view of sunrise and baloon on the sky that not too crowded with tourist.
Breathtaking view in Bagan with the Balloon
Breathtaking view in Bagan with the Balloon
Buledi Pagoda is the best place for enjoying amazing morning with breathaking view. When i came, this place not too crowded. Our group come about 5 AM. Not too crowded place to enjoy the morning. But about 6 AM, many people come. But we already have a hot seat to enjoy the morning.

I prefer you must go there after your jj bus express from yangon to bagan arrived in Bagan bus Station.

We dont have enough money to enjoying sunrise from the balloon, so we decide to see the balloon from Buledi Pagoda. I think its best place to enjoy the morning in Bagan. We dont know another spot because we only one day there. Tommorow morning we need to leave Bagan to flight to Thailand.

Here some photo that  i've taken in Buledi Pagoda.

Balloon in Bagan
Balloon in Bagan

enjoying morning in Bagan
enjoying morning in Bagan. The balloon will go to the sky
If you want enjoy the morning from the balloon, the ticket about USD 300/ person. Its  more than half of my budget during 9 day trip in Myanmar and Thailand.

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