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Have you ever seen the sunrise with balloon in Buledi Pagoda Bagan Myanmar ? If not, you have to try when visiting Bagan. Now, i want share with you what you can do in Bagan in one day. So, on this post i want share with you what i've do in one day in Bagan. Are you ready?

To Sightseeing in Bagan you need rent a taxi / ebike or motorcycle. I dont know much about the rate. Its about $10 for ebike and $15 for motorcycle for one day. You can rent in your hostel / hotel.

Enjoying Morning in Tea Center

I don't see coffee shop in my way, but i can easily found tea center. So, you can try to enjoy the morning in a tea center arround Bagan. I think, burmese love to drink tea than coffee. In Marhangwe Tea Center, i just try to order a cup of tea, but the item i get is a milk tea. Is the default tea in Myanmar ? Because yesterday when i order a tea on restaurant, i got milk tea. Its hard to get ice tea like in Indonesia. 

Breakfast in Tea Center Bagan
Breakfast in Tea Center Bagan
I've ordered white  rice but i got anchovy sambal with a bowl of soup i think. A lot people enjoying morning in tea center and talking with the anotoher friends. Here some people i saw in marhangwe tea center
Talking with Friennd in Tea Center Bagan
Talking with Friennd in Tea Center Bagan
There are no pricetag in the menu, but we believe that this is not expensive. I need to pay arround 8000 Kyaat for the rice, tea, soup and anchovy. Its not too expensive and standard breakfast in Indonesia but with different food.

Best Goat Curry Ever!

I was started the tour arround old Bagan in afternoon, before we start the tour we visit a local restaurant. I think its not restaurant, in Indonesian its called WARUNG. I dont know how to say warung in english because restaurant is too luxurious.
Best Goat Curry Ever in Bagan
Best Goat Curry Ever in Bagan
On this home restaurant i just order goat curry, and when i try this curry. Damn! This is the most delicious goat curry I've ever tasted! I cant descibe with the word in english.

This restaurant near from marhangwe tea center that i've visit before. Just about 200 meter near this tea center. I dont know exactly where the home restaurant in the maps. Just see the front of restaurant below :D
Delicious home restaurant in Bagan
Home restaurant that i mean
For seven people we spent about 21000 Kyaat. Not too expensive i think with the delicious menu. If you want to try, just looking for Marhangwee Tea Center and go straight about 200 meter and you will can see this home restaurant.

Before sightseeing arround old Bagan, we recomend you to have a lunch first. Because no restaurant arround old Bagan. Old Bagan sterile from settlements. If you already have a lunch or have bring a lunch, lets start looking arround old bagan that have about two hundred pagoda.

Phwa Saw Brick Monastery Pagoda

Phwa Saw Brick Monastery,
Phwa Saw Brick Monastery
The first pagoda is Phwa Saw Brick Monastery, Its really big pagoda with gold color but im not sure that this pagoda build from gold. But i dont know. Many people pray and monk pray there. I think its not too popular tourist place because not too many tourist there. 

Ananda Phaya Pagoda

Inside Ananda Phaya Pagoda
Inside Ananda Phaya Pagoda
Ananda Phaya pagoda is the second pagoda, this pagoda more popular than Phwa Saw Brick Monastery because you can see a lots of people there. They are tourist and local people who pray in pagoda. 

In Phwa Saw Brick Monastery pagoda you can't go inside the pagoda, but in Ananda Phaya you can go inside. There are four budha statue here. You can't bring food or drink inside the pagoda

Another Forgoten Pagota in Bagan

Pagoda in Bagan

Im so sorry to say that i've visited more pagoda but im forget about the name. Because its too tired wallking arround pagoda under hot  weather there. You can't taking picture on some pagoda. Dont try to taking picture on pagoda that dont allow to taking picture. Please respect local laws.

Here some tips guide for you duringn sightseeing in Bagan

  • Book your hostel or hotel before going there. You need to book about 3 month before going there. Because many people didn't get room when i came to Bagan on February.
  • If you come with groups (4 - 7 people), i reccomend you to take a ride with taxi
  • Bagan is really hot and dusty city, make sure that you bring glases and hat
  • Bring bottle water during the trip
  • Use slippers during the trip, you need to take it off when go inside the pagoda.

Enjoying Sunset in Bagan

Sunset in Bagan
Sunset in Bagan
If you are looking for the sunset in Bagan, make sure that you come early. Its about 5 PM.  Because too late if you came about 6 PM. A lot people will take best place to enjoy the sunset.  I can't recomend you where the best  place sunset in Bagan because im not really know about it. 

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