Tokyo 2 Days Itinerary With Tokyo Metro Subway Really Cheap!

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If you have plan to Tokyo and dont know what you have to do in Tokyo maybe you will try to search references about your trip. After back from Tokyo last February, i decided to write some tips for solo traveller in Tokyo about my trip.

For the first i will write about cheap 2D Tokyo Itinerary with Metro Subway. You can go to many place with 1200 Yen Subway Pass. Want the Itinerary? Its a lot cheaper than you pay at every subway. And this ticket only for tourist.

With 2D Metro Subway Pass, you can go to Arround Ueno Park, University Tokyo, Katsuhika, Tsukiji Fish Market, Tokyo Tower and Shiba Park. Even try Mary Car if you have Japan driver license.

Day 1 In Tokyo

Before leave Haneda Airport, buy Tokyo Metro 2D Pass at Tourist Information, you will charge 1200 Yen! And you need to bring pasport to buy this ticket.

Ueno Park 

street attraction at Ueno Park
street attraction at Ueno Park
Ueno Park is large park near Ueno Station in Central of Tokyo. You can also visit many museum arround Ueno, especially Tokyo National Museum, The National Museum for Western Art, The Tokyo Metropolitan  Art Musem, National Science Museum and Ueno Zoo.

You can also enjoy a cup of coffee on Starbuck or see street attraction here. Ueno Park have more than 1000 Cherry Trees. Its popular cherry blossom spots. Make sure you came on April so can enjoy the cherry blossoms in Ueno Park. 

Route From Haneda Airport : 

  • Keikyu-Kuko Line for Imbanihon-Idai Stop at Sengakuji Station
  • At Sengakuji Station move to Asakusa Line for Keisei-Sakura and stop at Ningyocho change to Hibiya Line
  • Hibiya Line for Tobu-Dobutsukoen Stop at Ueno Station

Tokyo University

Hachiko and Prof Ueno Statue at Tokyo University
Hachiko and Prof Ueno Statue at Tokyo University
Have you heard Hachiko Story? A dog that wait for Prof Ueno back from campus that you can found the statue at Shibuya Station. You only can see Hachiko Statue at Shibuya Station, but in Tokyo University you can see Hachiko and Prof Ueno Statue.

Route from Ueno Park :

  • Walking about 1 km using the route below

Finding Captain Tsubasa  and Friends Statue at Katsuhika

Captain Tsubasa Statue at Katsuhika
Captain Tsubasa Statue at Katsuhika
If you are Captain Tsubasai Anime Fans, yaou must try to find captain tsubasa and friends statue at Katsuhika. Because there are 10 statue of captain tsubasa. You can read the detail of unusual activity in tokyo that i've post before. This activity need about 2 hours walking arround.

You can also enjoy how kid in Japan spend time with their friends arround their home. No gadget and they have real life even on modern city Tokyo. I really enjoy looking kid activition arround the local park.

Route From Tokyo University

  • Go To Todai-Mae Station : Namboku Line Jurusan Hiyoshi Stop at Kōrakuen Station
  • From Kōrakuen Station walk about 2 minute to Kasuga Station. Take Oedo Line For Ryogoku / Daimon and stop at Kuramae Station 
  • at Kuramae Station move to Asakusa Line Imbanihon-Idai and stop at Yotsugi Station

Sensoji Temple Asakusa

Sensoji Temple with Tokyo Skytree on background at Night
Sensoji Temple with Tokyo Skytree on background at Night
After walking arround Katsuhika  you can go to Asakusa, and enjoy Sensoji Temple and cheap culinary at front of Sensoji Temple that called Nakamise. Shop arround Nakamise closed about 8 PM. Make sure that you came before 6 PM, because some shop close after 6 PM.

You still can enjoy asauksa temple at Night with the beautiful lightning arround the temple. You can enjoy the beautiful Sensoji Temple at Night. You can also have enough time if you want to Tokyo Skytree

Route From Katsuhika

  • At Yotsugi Station ride Keisei-Oshiage Line Misakiguchi and stop at Asakusa Station

Best Place To Stay Near Asakusa

If you are looking for best place to stay near asakusa, you can try Enaka Asakusa Hostel. I have great and wonderful time here. I really love this place. Near from subway station and popular place. You can also enjoy Tokyo Sky Tree from the rooftop. Dont believe about this place? See review below
Enaka Asakusa Dorm
Enaka Asakusa Dorm

During my trip around Japan, I stayed in several capsule-like hostels and I can definitely say, Enaka was the best of them. The individual capsules had comfy mattresses, were well lit and even had shelves and a large locker inside, making it feel like a real room. The washing rooms were clean and full of daylight, the showers hot, the free towels large. The staff was kind and helpful, the beautifully designed common room a good place to hang out. The location was perfect, in a quiet alley right in the middle of bustling Asakusa, with Cafés and restaurants everywhere and the metro a mere five minute walk 

Day 2 In Tokyo

The route of second day in Tokyo start from Enaka Asakusa Central Hostel, so if you have another place to stay make sure to search the best route for your itinerary. Because i only share the route that i've try before.

Second day in Tokyo i will visit Tsukiji Fish Market, Shiba Park, Tokyo Tower and Tokyo Diver City. 

Tsukiji Fish Market

Fresh Sea Urchin in Tsukiji Fish Market
Fresh Sea Urchin in Tsukiji Fish Market
Before go to Tsukiji Fisht Market dont eat anything. Tsukiji Fish Market have a lots of food that you must try during trip in tokyo. So make sure you have enough money to enjoy delicious food there. You can go to in the morning there before 11 Am. Its the best time to visit, or you can see tuna auction about 2AM. I dont wanna go at 2 AM here on winter. Its really cold!

I've ate some food there, here thee list 
  • Sashimi 1500 Yen
  • Matcha Ice Cream 400 Yen
  • Grilled Eel 200 Yen
  • Fresh Sea Urchin 1200 Yen

Route to Tsukiji Fish Market

  • Asakusa Station and go Asakusa Line for Nishi-Magome (Platform 1) 
  • Stop at Higashi-ginza Station move to Hibiya Line jurusan Kita-Senju 
  • Stop at di Tsukiji Station

Shiba Park

Shiba Park located near Tokyo Tower. You need to walk through Shiba Park if you wanna go to Tokyo Tower. Its Free, you dont need to pay fee to enjoy walking arronud shiba park. At end of winter you can enjoy plum blossm on  Shiba Park.
Taken at Shiba Park with Tokyo Tower As Background
Taken at Shiba Park with Tokyo Tower As Background
You can get perfect Tokyo Tower as Background for your selfie photos like me below using Go Pro Hero 4. Here route from Tsukiji Fish Market to Shiba park nearest station with Tokyo Subway. It can called less walking route.

Route to Shiba Park / Tokyo Tower from Tsukiji Fish Market

  • Tsukiji Station : Hibiya Line for Naka-Meguro stop at Hibiya Station
  • At Hibiya Station move to Mita Line for Hiyoshi and stop at Shibakoen Station

Tokyo Tower

Tokyo View from Tokyo Tower
Tokyo View from Tokyo Tower
Tokyo Tower is most iconic place in Tokyo. Make sure you go to there once when the first time in Japan. Its use for broadcast television and you can see arround Tokyo. This is second tallest building in Tokyo with 333 meters.
  • Tiket Observatory : 900 Yen
  • Tiket Second Observatory  : 1600 Yen
  • Tiket One Piece Museum : 3000 Yen.
One Piece Museum is new museum in Tokyo Tower. I dont go to One Piece Museum because its too expensive. So i decided to enjoy Main Obvervatory with 900 Yen ticket. You also get souvenir on the Observatory. Enjoying tokyo tower with free wifi access. (I will write about how to enjoy japan without rental wifi and still can connected to the internet soon)

Tokyo Skytree

Tokyo Skytree from Rooftop Enaka Asakusa
Tokyo Skytree from Rooftop Enaka Asakusa 
After enjoying Tokyo Tower you can back to hostel in Asakusa and go to Tokyo Skytree. Its the tallest building in Tokyo with 634 meter. This building broadcast television like Tokyo Tower and near Asakusa. 

But, if you want to go Tokyo Skytree you need pay more expensive that Tokyo Tower. Here list ticket fare on Tokyo Skytree
  • First observatory: 2060 yen 
  • Second observatory: additional 1030 yen 
  • (an additional 40-740 yen is charged for time-specific advance reservations)
  • For foreign tourists only: 
  • Fast Skytree Single Ticket (first observatory): 3000 yen 
  • Fast Skytree Combo Ticket (first and second observatories): 4000 yen
I dont go there because Tokyo Tower more iconic that Tokyo Skytree. So i suggest you to pick Tokyo Tower if you want to save the money.

You can go with this Itinerary, but you can also custom this itinerary. I hope this itinerary will help you plan cheap tokyo trip with Tokyo Metro Subway Pass for 2 Day.

Please share this post to your friend who want to go Japan. So everyone can travel arround the world with efective budget.

After this, maybe i want to share 3 Days Itinerary in Tokyo with Tokyo Wide Pass. I hope can finished my job before write about last winter trip in Japan.

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