About Me

Many people say that i am a part time traveller. Freelance worker who have some business in Blitar such as Develop Website, Silver Rings, and Video Service. After blogging at my another personal blog with Bahasa Indonesia, i want to share to many people as i can about my travel journey. So I decide to write again in English for this blog.
at Bagan, Myanmar

Im still learn about writing english (again) after for a long time not posting anything in this blog. Today i want to start again this blog with my new blogpost. I want to create great content for everybody. Sometimes i will write about my business, not only for travel journey. So, if you have any question you can ask me using contact me form.

I have plan to overseas trip at least once a years. But i hope can travel arround the world as many as possible. I've visited Myanmar / Burma that you can read on this blog, Thailand and Japan. Indonesia too.

I dont know what i will write on about me page. I hope you can enjoy my site and let me know if you have suggestion about my blog.

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